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Smart labels are RFID tags attached to paper or plastic carriers with adhesive backing to attach to cards, documents, or traceable items. RFID labels use flip-chip technology with an etched-antenna inlay allowing for quick and efficient mass-production. Smart labels use passive RFID and all power is generated by the reader, meaning that tags are not reliant on a battery and remain readable for many years.

Cardzgroup labels come in a variety of adhesive options including high-quality 3M standard and gel adhesive and come in both paper and PET variants.

Personalization options include colour printing, customer branding, RFID encoding services, multi-frequency RFID in a single tag, inkjet names/numbers, and 2D QR/barcodes. Our smart labels can be customized to any shape/size and are available with tamper-proof slits to increase security.

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