About Us

We bring trust to overseas card manufacturing

Cardzgroup Africa (CGA), was founded in 2009 as part of a strategic partnership with Cardzgroup Limited who are based in Hong Kong. Cardzgroup Africa is a proudly Level 1 BEEE Company providing your contact in a contactless world.

Cardzgroup Africa’s partnership with Cardzgroup Limited provides the organisation with a direct link to an extensive Asian-based manufacturing base. This unique structure means that the blending of the Asian workforce and western quality control ideals is a reality. No compromise required.

Meeting your Requirements

The connection with Asia ensures that full card personalisation can be provided from the factory, ensuring the customer is provided with the most efficient path to a fully customised card. This relationship also means that none of the typical artwork set up fees and associated costs apply, as the organisation’s only goal is to provide the best solution at the best possible price.

A fully equipped personalisation bureau in Cape Town provides local personalisation and deployment capability, a service utilised by many of the fuel card distributors, gift card providers and retail organisations. This bureau is able to meet all personalisation requirements, whether it be surface printing, encoding of magstripes and contact chips or whether it is for full embossing.

About Us

Our Expertise is our strength

Traditionally focused on PVC cards, Cardzgroup has had to evolve as the demands of the market have changed. With the assistance of their Asian manufacturing base, Cardzgroup is able to offer a multitude of technology form factors. From the traditional cards and tags to paper tickets, rubber wearable wristbands, paper wristbands for events, to RFID windscreen stickers for LDV’s & trucks. The only limit is imagination and the limitations of the technology.

Paddy Janneman, the CGA Managing Director, is an industry stalwart with many years spent within the banking sector. This experience enables Cardzgroup to operate extensively within the banking and loyalty card markets where knowing your products, your partners and your customers is key to success.

About Us

We focus on sectors where quality and reliability are key

  • Access Control
  • Loyalty
  • Banking
  • Telekom
  • Identification
  • Transportation

At Cardzgroup We are

  • DedicatedDedicated production and technical teams that ensure your quality expectations and time to market demands are met

  • FastFast delivery times due to high production capacity and streamlined workflow

  • FlexibleFlexible card solutions that accommodate any project specifications. A true one-stop shop for custom order requirements