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Cardzgroup is able to offer a full range of plastic cards from multiple partner suppliers in Asia. With precision engineering and state of the art manufacturing production processes, a variety of card types from 300 micron thickness to 810 micron can be flexibly made on PVC, PET, ABS and Metal substrates.

Quality and speed are equally important and with a production capacity of over 600 million cards per year, we offer some of the fastest lead times in the world. All partners are ISO, Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay accredited, as the case may be. As such, they have been set up to process Cardzgroup orders to the very best quality standards.

The products available from Cardzgroup for basic plastic cards come with different thicknesses of materials, CMYK, unlimited pantones and metallic colours, magnetic stripes and holograms. As a result, we can supply into any of the following markets:

  • Gift Cards
  • Discount Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Access and Security Cards
  • Key Fobs Cards
  • Payment Cards
  • ID cards
  • Library Cards
  • Membership Cards

MIFARE® / DESFire® Cards

MIFARE® is one of the most popular contactless smart card technologies in use, with over 10 billion chips and 150 million readers having been produced to date. This 13.56Mhz high frequency technology is based on the ISO/IEC 14443A standard and is used extensively for payments, transportation, access control, education, and loyalty card schemes amongst other applications.

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Near field communications (NFC) allows for the transfer of data between devices. NFC offers high frequency data transfer by touch interaction or from short distances. NFC chips use the same 13.56Mhz frequency as all other high frequency cards but follow the strict NFC Forum Compliance Standard to ensure that they are compatible with any NFC phone or device.

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Low frequency smart cards are predominantly used in identification and access control applications. LF cards have lower read range and communication speeds than other contactless smart card types and the most common chips offer low-cost and low-security solutions where a simple UID or identification key is required. Due to the shape of their waves, LF cards are less affected by other radio signals and materials in the environment such as water or metal which makes them a reliable choice in industrial environments.

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High frequency is the most diverse category of contactless and RFID smart card and is used extensively for college / university ID cards, in access control and identification, as retail payments and loyalty cards, and in transport and ticketing. 13.56Mhz HF cards are covered by ISO/IEC 14443A/B or ISO/IEC 15693 standards and range from simple fixed memory to high security Java and PKI processor cards. With medium read range and high data communication speeds, HF cards – often referred to as “vicinity cards” – are the go to choice for applications that require secure communication and large amounts of data to be shared between card and reader.

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UHF follows the EPC global Gen2 standard and uses the 850—960Mhz frequency band to provide fast data transfer rates and much longer read ranges (up to 10m) compared to either LF or HF cards. UHF labels and tags are used extensively in warehousing and goods tracking while UHF cards are popular for location and attendance tracking applications. UHF is negatively affected by materials in the environment such as metals and liquids but, is the best choice for applications that require a long read range and simultaneous reading of a large number of tags.

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Keyfobs offer the best option for offering a card-equivalent mobile RFID device to your customers. We utilize a 5 colour Heidelberg offset printer to create beautiful full colour graphics on our keyfobs and are able to tune the antennas to the specific frequency of your readers, ensuring maximal read range and performance.

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We offer a wide range of options for custom moulded RFID keyfobs and tags to your bespoke specifications. We will work with you to design a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and fulfils your specific chip and read-range requirements. We have a wealth of experience in injection moulding, ultrasonic welding, laser cutting and antenna tuning enabling us to develop a solution that is custom designed to each project.

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Cardzgroup can provide an array of solutions for your wristband requirements. wristbands contain an encapsulated RFID chip and antenna moulded into the centre of a decorative silicone band and offer great flexibility, water-resistance and heat-resistance. Our wristbands are BPA-free and are extensively tested for read-range and durability, ensuring longer lifetimes and superior performance.

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Cardzgroup have partnered with two of China’s largest secure card plants giving us unprecedented ability to manage large-scale and technologically cutting-edge EMV contact/contactless and dual-interface card and wearable banking products.

We offer basic magstripe Debit and Credit cards along with full solution EMV Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay projects for our global clients. Cardzgroup is recognized by Visa and MasterCard card design and procedure departments overseas whom we work closely with when managing secure bank cards for our worldwide clients. Through partnership with China’s expanding UnionPay network we also help overseas clients navigate the Chinese UnionPay regulations to bring expanded services to their local banks.


Cardzgroup Africa offers the following contact smart cards:

  • Memory cards
  • Microprocessor cards
  • Hybrid Cards
  • Dual interface cards
  • Java Cards

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Smart labels are RFID tags attached to paper or plastic carriers with adhesive backing to attach to cards, documents, or traceable items. RFID labels use flip-chip technology with an etched-antenna inlay allowing for quick and efficient mass-production. Smart labels use passive RFID and all power is generated by the reader, meaning tags are not reliant on a battery and remain readable for many years.

Cardzgroup labels come in a variety of adhesive options including high-quality 3M standard and gel adhesive and come in both paper and PET variants.

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Combining a world class manufacturing facility with our in-house SIM management team, Cardzgroup offers a competitive solution for a variety of Native and Java SIM projects.

Cardzgroup offers the following:

  1. End to end solution: Cardzgroup can supply SIM modules along with card manufacturing and full card personalization.
  2. Contract manufacturing: Customer supplied modules are combined with Cardzgroup-supplied SIM card body manufacturing solutions and personalization services.


With over 10 million cards produced per month Cardzgroup is the one stop solution to all your scratch card producing needs. Utilising the latest in printing and personalisation technology from Heidelberg and Atlantic Zeiser, Cardzgroup provides a secure, quality approach to scratch card production that combines technology and proven Western production methodologies with the competitiveness of producing in Asia.